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ICC News Item #1204

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IM Kopec gives a lecture 5pm Thursday May 27.

Inernational Master Danny Kopec will give a lecture on the
Internet Chess Club at 5pm EDT (9pm GMT) on Thursday May 27.
The title is "The Botvinnik Years".  Login to the ICC and
type "follow Drk" to watch.

In return for two lectures by Dr. Kopec, we are posting this
information about his chess camp:


Don't miss the 6th Year of Kopec's Chess Camp in July 1999 at the
Lawrenceville School, in Lawrenceville, New Jersey, less than 10
miles from Princeton.   There are programs for everyone, from ages
6 to 76 and more, including 3 sessions: Standard Week (July 11-18),
Short Week (July 18-22), and Extended Program (July 11-22).
Instructors include GM Lubomir Ftacnik (Standard Week), IM Danny
Kopec (all sessions) and GM Pal Benko (Short Week).  Special
features:  Ftacnik vs. Irina Krush challenge match July 14-15, two
tournaments July 18-19 with barbeque dinner included.  

Details plus brochure, visit our web site:
or call Hal Terrie at: (603)-668-8368.  
In NJ (6:00- 9:00 pm): (609)-466-0074.  
Email: or
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