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ICC News Item #1200

NEWS 1200 (23-May-99)Next Previous
ICC main server shutdown May 24 at 4am.

The Internet Chess Club will be moving its main chess server to a
bigger and better machine on Monday May 24.  The main server at
"" will be down for about 6 hours beginning at 4am EDT
(8am GMT).

During this time you can play games on ICC's other server at  Games you play there will count towards your
rating, and ratings will be transfered over to the main server after
it is up and running.  Sarajevo tournment games will be shown there,
if the main server is not up by 8am Monday.

After the new main server begins running, it will still take about
one day to transfer all the information to the new main server.
You may not have access to your stored games, or the games in your
history, library, and the "search" command until sometime on Tuesday.

The new main server will be called "" just like it is
now.  Most ICC members won't need to do anything different to login.
Just try, and if it is not running, use .  For those who need the IP number of the new
server, it is .

We apologize for any inconvenience, but hope the new machine will
make ICC even better.
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