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ICC News Item #1199

NEWS 1199 (22-May-99)Next Previous
ICC GRANDMASTER Blitz Tournament 3pm Sunday.

The Internet Chess Club is sponsoring a Grandmaster Blitz
Tournament between four of the top 100 players in the world
on Sunday, May 23 at 3pm EDT (7pm GMT).

The tournament will be a double round robin (each player plays
the other players twice, once with White and once with Black)
with a time control of Game in 10 minutes.  The ICC is awarding
$500 in prizes, with $250 for first place, $100 for second and
third, and $50 for fourth.

All ICC members are welcome to watch the games and whisper
comments.  The four players are:

                      FIDE  Country         ICC handle
		      ----  -------         ----------
GM Loek van Wely      2632  Netherlands     KingLoek
GM Emil Sutovsky      2612  Israel          E-Sutovsky
GM Babakuli Annakov   2600  Turkmenistan    gahan
GM Joel Lautier       2596  France          EasyToGuess
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