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ICC News Item #1198

NEWS 1198 (19-May-99)Next Previous
Live Broadcasts and GM/IM commentary on Sarajevo.

A strong Grandmaster Tournament is taking place in Sarajevo,
Bosnia.  Grandmasters Kasparov, Morozevich, Shirov, Topalov,
Short, Timman, Leko, Adams, Sokolov, and Bareev are playing.

The Internet Chess Club will be showing the games live to 
members, with GM and IM commentary, beginning at 8am (noon
GMT) each day.  For information on observing the games,
type finger Sara99 on ICC.  For the latest standings,
finger Sara99-2.  Games from previous rounds are available
in the library of Sara99:  "liblist Sara99".

Live Commentary Schedule:

Round 4 May 20:  GM Kaidanov
Round 5 May 21:  GM Kaidanov
Round 6 May 23:  IM Schroer
Round 7 May 24:  IM Finegold
Round 8 May 25:  IM Finegold
Round 9 May 26:  IM Finegold

The official web page for the tournament is:
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