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ICC News Item #1193

NEWS 1193 (15-May-99)Next Previous
$100 Chess Camp discount for ICC tournament winners.

The Internet Chess Club is pleased to announce that the Terra Haute
Chess Camp is offering a $100 discount to ICC members who win certain
ICC tournaments and events:

Tournaments/Events after May 14:
- Winners of Saturday WBCA tournaments 
- Winners of the Friday 5 0 tournaments
- The two Open Section winners of the May Standard Tournament
- Anyone who defeats IM Schroer or GM garompon in their weekly
  simuls (not including wins by flagging)

The discount is offered only to people who have never attended the
camp, and who have not already registered.  If you qualify, or have
questions, please send an ICC message to darkhorse or sveshi for
more details.

Info about the camp provided by sveshi:

The Terre Haute Chess Camp will be held in Terre Haute, Indiana
between the dates of June 13-20. Campers of all ages and chess 
levels will receive daily instruction and other chess activities by
a strong and experienced staff including: GM Tal Shaked (Tioro),
IM Ben Finegold (Finegold), FM Aviv Friedman (sveshi), FM Jan Van
De Mortel (Buzzo), FM Jim Dean (Hardcore), NM Craig Stauffer
(darkhorse), CM Sandra De Blecourt (Hanneman) and CM Elizabeth
Vicary (Elizabeth). for more info.

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