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ICC News Item #1189

NEWS 1189 (4-May-99)Next Previous
ICC now accepts Eurocheques for membership payments.

To make paying more convenient for our European members, the
Internet Chess Club now accepts Eurocheques for membership
payments.  However, we recommend using the "extend" command online
if you have a credit card (or if you can use the card of a friend
or relative).  "Extend" is cheaper for you, and much quicker.

Please send your Eurocheque, made out to the Internet Chess Club,
in the correct amount shown below, to:

Internet Chess Club
5001 Baum Blvd., Suite 630,
Pittsburgh, PA 15213

            British  Swiss   French  Dutch     German   Italy  Spain
Membership  Pounds   Francs  Francs  Guilders  Marks    Lira   Pesetas
6-month       20       50      200     67        60    60000    5050
one-year      33       80      325    110        97    96000    8200
two-years     58      140      575    192       171   170000   14500
student*      17       42      175     58        51    51000    4350

* See help discount on the ICC for qualifications.

The ICC may adjust these prices at any time for currency fluctuations.
We will honor the prices shown on ICC in help Eurocheques at the time
you mailed your cheque.

Please do not send Eurocheques in US dollars or Euros.  Our bank
charges us an extra fee for these.  We will have to deduct the fee
from your payment and issue you fewer membership months.

For other information on membrships, see help fees on the ICC.
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