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ICC News Item #1184

NEWS 1184 (29-Apr-99)Next Previous
GM Pablo Zarnicki gives a free simul May 5.

Grandmaster "garompon" will give a simultaneous exhibition on the
Internet Chess Club at 7pm EDT on Wednesday May 5.  The simul is
open to all players who have a standard rating under 2000 on the
ICC, and who have an hour and a half to play in the 45 0 time control

The simul is limited to 50 players.  To reserve a spot, please send a
message to garompon on the ICC, and show up about 10 minutes early for
the simul.  Then join channel 3 for instructions by typing "+chan 3".
If you reserved a spot, but aren't present by 7pm, your spot will be
given to another player.

This is your chance to play against a Grandmaster for over an hour,
if you last that long!
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