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ICC News Item #1170

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USCF-sponsored Prize Tournament on ICC, Apr 11!

The ICC will host a tournament sponsored by the USCF, on Sunday
April 11.  A total of $500 worth of prizes from the USCF and
18+ months of ICC membership prizes will be given to the winners.

Who:          Anyone who is a USCF member and ICC member
Date:         Sunday, April 11, 1999
Time:         6pm EST (3pm PST)
Where:        Slomato tournament robot in channel 222 on ICC
Format:       6 Round Swiss
Time Control: 10 0 ICC rated.  Not USCF rated.
Entry Fee:    FREE.  Entry deadline 5pm April 11.
Prizes:       Read help USCFseries.

Book prizes this month will be:
U1800 and up: Informant 70.  U1600 and below: Endgame Play by Ward.

All players must read the complete rules in help USCFseries
on the ICC before entering.  ABSOLUTELY no computer assistance
allowed in this tournament.  Offenders will be barred from all
future events, and may lose their ICC membership.

To enter: Message USCF-TD with your REAL NAME and your USCF ID Number.
     For example, on ICC, type:  message USCF-TD John Doe 12345678

Questions:  Ask JFernandez, the tournament director.
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