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ICC News Item #1168

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MAN vs. MACHINE! GM Wilder - Ferret Mar 27

The Internet Chess Club will host a MAN versus MACHINE match at
5pm EST (10pm GMT) on Saturday, March 27.  Grandmaster Michael
Wilder from the USA will play a match against the computer
program Ferret.  The match will be two games with a time control
of Game in 30 minutes.

Ferret holds several titles, including 1995 World Microcomputer
Amateur Chess Champion and 1996-1997 World Microcomputer Speed
Chess Champion.  Ferret also holds the computer record for highest
Bullet rating on the ICC.

GM Wilder is a former US Champion.

To watch the match, login before 5pm on March 27 and type
"follow Wilder".  The match will viewable only by registered ICC
members.  You can "whisper" comments with the other spectators.

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