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ICC News Item #1166

NEWS 1166 (23-Mar-99)Next Previous
Hawkeye retains World Bullet Championship title

In a thrilling finale played on March 22 on the Internet Chess Club,
Hawkeye (IM Roland Schmaltz) retained his title as World Bullet 1 0
Champion by beating GM Maxim Dlugy 10.5-7.5.  The event was followed
live by over 400 people, making it the most-observed bullet match of
all time. At first, Hawkeye seemed to be winning comfortably, leading
7.5-1.5, but then Dlugy fought back scoring 6 out of 8 to close to
within 9.5-7.5, only to lose the last game after some great endgame
display by Hawkeye. 

The games are available by typing "liblist Hawkeye-Dlugy" on ICC.

talpa (the main organiser) wants to thank JFernandez, dif, terra and
Potzy, and many others, for making this event possible on ICC.  And
of course all the players for their enthusiasm and cooperation.  We
hope to see you all next year in the Third Internet Bullet World
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