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ICC News Item #1165

NEWS 1165 (22-Mar-99)Next Previous
New Simul by IM Schroer every Sunday 11am on ICC.

Internet Chess Club members can now play against International
Master Jonathan Schroer in a simultaneous exhibition on Sundays
at 11am ICC time (EST, add 5 hours to get GMT).

We added this new simul because many of our members in Europe or
on the west coast of the USA were unable to play in IM Schroer's
Tuesday night simuls at 7pm.  To allow as many different players to
participate as possible, people who play in a Tuesday night simul
will be ineligible to play in the Sunday simul the same week.

The time control is 35 35, and the number of players is limited
to 35.  Please read help Schroer on the ICC for more details.

Also note that Grandmaster Pablo Zarnicki, "garompon" on the ICC,
gives a simul every Saturday at 1pm EST costing 5 chekels.
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