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ICC News Item #1159

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Results of the Tomato 50,000th Tournament.

On Sunday March 14, the Internet Chess Club and the Tomato team held
a special tourney to celebrate the fact that the Tomato team have
managed 50,000 tournaments on the ICC.

This event broke the record for most players in a tourney, with 272
people taking part.  The grid is available with "tell tomato grid 50218"

The ICC Tomato management team wants to thank all the players who
participated in this event, and all the managers who worked to make
it possible and so successful.

A special thank you goes to SQUAREHOPPER who contributed half of the

All the prize winners can be seen by typing finger Tourney-50000
when you are logged into ICC.  help Tomato for more information
on the Tomato tournaments.  Several hundred tournaments are held
every week on the ICC.
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