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ICC News Item #1153

NEWS 1153 (7-Mar-99)Next Previous
March Marathon Tournament on the ICC, Mar 13-14.

On Saturday, March 13th, 1999, the Tomato family of automated TDs will
begin a 24-hour marathon of tournaments.  These tournaments will be
divided into 5 sections.  There will be 2 classes (u1600 & 1600+)  for the
blitz tournaments and 3 alternate tournaments for non-blitz players (1 0,
15 0, and 3 0 w17).  The first tournament will start at exactly 12:00 pm
(noon) server time on March 13th and the marathon will conclude at the end
of any tournaments ongoing at 11:59 am server time March 14th. 

The winners in each of 4 blitz classes (shown below)  will receive prizes.
Winners will be determined by number of points scored in the event.  An
extra prize awarded in each of the standard and bullet competitions are
described below. 

Dates:  Noon, 3/13 until 11:59 am server time, 3/14

Type:   Consecutive 5 0 tournaments in each section:
    Tomato:  Under 1600 section
    Cooly:   Over 1600 section
Alternate tournaments will take place on the other bots:
    Flash:           1 0 - For all ratings
    Slomato:        15 0 - For all ratings
    WildOne:     3 0 w17 - For all ratings
Tomato:  The u1500 on 3/13 will be added to the u1600 section
         The 2 6 r 1200-1800 event will be added to both the
         tomato and cooly sections.

Cooly:   While Tomato is running the 1200-1800 blitz event on 3/14, 
         Cooly will run an 1800+ event.  After the Tomato  scheduled 
         is finished, the Tomato and Cooly sections  will go back to 
         normal.  If there is demand for an u1200 tourney, that will 
         be run in LittlePer concurrently with the 1200-1800 and 1800+ 
         tourneys. Also, the 1500+ daily event on 3/13 will be added 
         to the Cooly section.

Wildone: The LOL Marathon on 3/13 will be added here.

Flash: The Scheduled 1 0 event on 3/13 will be added here.

Slomato: Team Standard Event on 3/13 will be added here.
Any questions on these additions, message Folgers.
Computers: Absolutely no aid from computer-playing programs is allowed.  
Assistance:  You may not receive assistance from other chess players
during your games.  You may not have someone else play on your ICC account
for you.  Either of these violate not only the tournament rules, but also
the ICC user agreement, and may result in banning from the ICC. 
Prizes:  Prizes donated by the ICC will be awarded to class winners in
each section as illustrated below.  A change in the prizes will give an
extra prize in the standard competition and the bullet competition. 
Blitz Class Winners:  u1400, u1600, u1900, and 1900+ will all receive 1
month. Also receiving 1 month will be the winner of the wild 17
Slomato:  u1800(1 month) and 1800+(1 month)
Flash:    u1800(1 month) and 1800+(1 month)

Scoring:  To determine prize winners, all points scored in one section by
a player will be added to a series for that section.  Points scored in
outside sections do not count towards a section and only count for overall
prize score.  For the blitz sections, Slomato, and Flash, the rating
limited prizes will compare beginning and ending ratings. If either rating
exceeds the limits for the prize, you will not be eligible to win that
prize and will only be eligible for the prize for the next class up. 
Lag:  The managers have complete discretion in determining lag forfeits.
If you are lagging, please do not enter the marathon because the manager
can and will forfeit you from the tournament.  A general rule of thumb,
which players may judge their own lag can be derived from the pings.  A
lag time of over 5000ms (3000 ms for bullet) is generally unacceptable.
Lag times can be calculated by adding average ping times with standard
deviation (this can be found out by using the ping command). 
Any questions, message Folgers.
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