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ICC News Item #1152

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Live Discussion of Torr's Chess Player Survey Results!

On Sunday, March 28th, at 5 pm ICC time (EST), ICC member torr (Dr. Tor
Ronnow, Denmark) invites all ICC members and guests to debate the results
of the chess player survey which torr conducted on the Internet this
January.  The results are presented and can be read in a series of
articles (Torr on Survey, Parts 1-8) at
These articles will form the starting point for the debate, which will
include the following issues:

* What is modeling? What is a chess expert?
* What is the basis of learning?
* How does you brain process chess information and perform calculations?
* Do chessplayers share common beliefs? If so, which?
* What does it take to become a GM?
* Are chessplayers intelligent?
* How do you improve your chess?

Torr has formulated 15 guidelines for improving your chess, which will be
discussed also.  If you keep an open mind and are willing to learn more,
please join the debate on ICC at 5 pm on March 28th.

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