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ICC News Item #1151

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Manhattan Chess Club March International live on ICC!

The Internet Chess Club will be showing one live game a day from the
Manhattan Chess Club March International starting Friday, March 5th.
Participants: GM John Fedorowicz (USA), GM Georgy Timoshenko (UKR), GM
Giorgi Kacheishvili (GEO), IM Joshua Waitzkin (USA), IM Igor Shliperman
(USA), IM Maurice Ashley (USA), IM Adrian Negulescu (ROM), IM Ronald
Burnett (USA), FM Gregory Shahade (USA) and FM Johnathan Ady (HKG).

The games start at 6:00 pm ICC time (EST), or 23:00 GMT.  One round each
day from Mar 5 to Mar 15 except for rest days on Mar 8 and 13.

This tournament is a Category X FIDE tournament with an average rating of
2478.8. The score to obtain a GM Norm is 6/9, and an IM Norm 4.5/9.

Login to the ICC and type finger ManhattanMar99 for instructions on
observing the games and chatting with other spectators.
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