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ICC News Item #1143

NEWS 1143 (18-Feb-99)Next Previous
Blitzin 2.15 is now available on the ICC web site!

A major new version of the Blitzin graphical interface for
playing chess on the Internet Chess Club is now available on
the ICC web site at

Click on the "Download Software" button.  Blitzin 2 is for PCs
with 32-bit Windows (Windows 95/98 or Windows NT).  Windows 3.1
and some Windows 95/98 users need the 16-bit BlitzIn 1.81.  The
button on the web page should direct you to the correct version
for downloading.

Blitzin 2 features
 * An attractive new piece design that scales well to
   different sizes.
 * Easy-to-use game lists ("history", "liblist", etc.)
 * Multiple consoles, for separating text into categories
   (for example, you can have chat windows, specific channel
    windows, a shout window, etc.)
 * User-definable macro buttons
 * Hyperlinked web addresses and help pages
 * Sound customization
 * Full 8-bit font support, for accented letters
 * And much, much more!  finger Slimemold for more
   information concerning Blitzin 2.
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