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Information about bronxbattler(GM) (Last disconnected Sun Jan 14 2018 13:05):

              rating [need] win  loss  draw total   best
Blitz           2374  [8]     7     1     0     8                      

 1: american kids are soft...chess is a tough game
 2: favorite Yale graduate Meryl Streep or as Vic said...Meryl Strip...I miss
  you man
 3: one year after mrhat larryc and nick de gmjohnny is in the us hall of fame
 4: gm nick defirmian should've been a wildcard...he could beat shankland in a
  simul...very disrespectful from the organizers
 5: available for lessons,,,skype,phone,or in person email me at
 6: a very unpleasant person is granpatzer...i refuse the guy's challenge and
  he calls me a weak GM and tells me i bought my title...people like this are
  good to avoid

 Name   : John Fedorowicz

picture of bronxbattler

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