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Statistics for ROBOadmin(C)(*)         On for:521:33     Idle:    0

 1: I am the ROBOADMIN.
 2: Searchable FIDE rating list on ICC:  "tell roboadmin FIDE Shirov" for
  example.  You can put parts of names like "Kasp" or country codes like "SVK".
  It's case-sensitive, so "shirov" won't work.
 3: It produces a help file with all the players that match your request.  You
  can read that help file online or mailhelp it to yourself.
 5: "tell roboadmin fide2 Shirov" for example, to see a rating history.
 6: Rating survey, comparing ICC, FIDE, and USCF ratings:  help survey.  You
  can participate.
 7: Shout my name!  Tell me hello!

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