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The US State Champion of Champions Results

Congratulations to IM Ron Burnett of Tennessee as the inaugural winner of the The 2004 US State Champion of Champions Tournament. The victory qualifies him for the US Chess Championships and $500. Good luck in San Diego!

Final and Semi-Final games in .PGN

US State Champion of Champions Tournament Rules and Schedule.

Finals, Sunday, September 26, 2004

Ronald Burnett (2431) representing Tennessee defeats Edward McHugh (2322) representing Connecticut 1.5/.5

Semi-Finals, Saturday, September 25, 2004

Edward McHugh (2322) representing Connecticut defeats Mark Ginsburg (2403) represenging Arizona 2/0

Ronald Burnett (2431) representing Tennessee defeats Oleg Zaikov (2316) representing Oregon 1.5/.5

Online Video Analysis

Chess.FM presents GM Larry Christiansen's online video analysis of select games from the Champion of Champions Finals and Semi-Finals and the Eastern and Western Conference games.

Qualifying Tournament Results

These are the cross tables with the results of the Eastern and Western conference qualifying tournaments. The representatives of each state are the respective USCF state champions. Or, if a state champion was unavailable, a representative was selected by the USCF state coordinator. the top two from each division go on the other semi-finals.

Eastern Conference

September 18, 2004
   User Name       Real Name       USCF Rating R1    R2    R3    R4    R5    R6    R7    R8    R9   Points Games 
 1 CofC-Tennessee  Ronald Burnett      (2431) +w18  +b15  =w2   +b6   =w3   +b9   +w17  +b4   +w7     8.0   9
 2 CofC-Connectic  Edward McHugh       (2322) +w9   +b13  =b1   +w16  +b6   +w7   =b4   +w10  -b3     7.0   9
 3 CofC-Georgia    Todd Andrews        (2397) -b19  +w11  +b12  +w4   =b1   -w6   =b7   +b9   +w2     6.0   9
 4 CofC-NewYork    Robert Hess         (2296) +w7   -b6   +w13  -b3   +w10  +b5   =w2   -w1   +b9     5.5   9
 5 CofC-Kentucky   Bobby Walker        (2099) =b11  =w12  -b8   +w13  +b16  -w4   +b14  =w6   +b15    5.5   9
 6 CofC-Michigan   Andrei Florean      (2496) Wb20  +w4   +b16  -w1   -w2   +b3   -w9   =b5   =w10    5.0   9
 7 CofC-Indiana    James Stephen Cates (2007) -b4   bye   +w19  +b10  =w9   -b2   =w3   +w11  -b1     5.0   9
 8 CofC-Massachu   Charles Riordan     (2296) -b12  -w14  +w5   =b17  -b18  +w13  +w15  =b16  +b19    5.0   9
 9 CofC-WVirginia  Mark Hathaway       (2119) -b2   +b18  +w15  +w11  =b7   -w1   +b6   -w3   -w4     4.5   9
10 CofC-Delaware   David Gertler       (2329) -b13  +w17  +b14  -w7   -b4   +w12  +w18  -b2   =b6     4.5   9
11 CofC-Maryland   Larry Kaufman       (2310) =w5   -b3   +w18  -b9   +w15  -b17  +w12  -b7   +w16    4.5   9
12 CofC-NoCarolina Alan Patrick        (2054) +w8   =b5   -w3   -b15  +w14  -b10  -b11  +w19  =b13    4.0   9
13 CofC-Wisconsin  Bryan Lilly         (2125) +w10  -w2   -b4   -b5   bye   -b8   +w19  =b14  =w12    4.0   9
14 CofC-SoCarolina John Curcuru        (2130) -b16  +b8   -w10  +w19  -b12  =b15  -w5   =w13  +b18    4.0   9
15 CofC-Pennsylvan Edward Formanek     (2320) +b17  -w1   -b9   +w12  -b11  =w14  -b8   +w18  -w5     3.5   9
16 CofC-Virginia   Daniel Miller       (2346) +w14  +b19  -w6   -b2   -w5   -b18  bye   =w8   -b11    3.5   9
17 CofC-NewJersey  Tom Bartell         (2116) -w15  -b10  bye   =w8   +b19  +w11  -b1   ----- -----   3.5   7
18 CofC-DC         Sal Rosario         (2207) -b1   -w9   -b11  bye   +w8   +w16  -b10  -b15  -w14    3.0   9
19 CofC-Florida    Cindy Tsai          (2176) +w3   -w16  -b7   -b14  -w17  bye   -b13  -b12  -w8     2.0   9
Download Eastern Conference Games in .PGN

Western Conference

September 19, 2004
   User Name       Real Name       USCF Rating R1    R2    R3    R4    R5    R6    R7    R8    R9   Points Games 
 1 CofC-Arizona    Mark Ginsburg       (2403) +b15  +w13  +b5   +w6   =b2   +w4   +b3   +w10  -b8     7.5   9
 2 CofC-Oregon     Oleg Zaikov         (2316) +b7   +w14  =w3   +b11  =w1   +b9   +w4   +b5   -w6     7.0   9
 3 CofC-Nevada     Enrico Sevillano    (2553) +b16  +w17  =b2   -w4   +b5   +w7   -w1   +b6   +w14    6.5   9
 4 CofC-NCal       John Donaldson      (2417) +w10  -b5   +w9   +b3   +w6   -b1   -b2   +w11  +b13    6.0   9
 5 CofC-Nebraska   Keaton Kiewra       (2267) +b12  +w4   -w1   +b14  -w3   +b11  +w9   -w2   +b17    6.0   9
 6 CofC-Alaska     Bryan Smith         (2344) +w11  =b9   +w10  -b1   -b4   +b14  +w15  -w3   +b2     5.5   9
 7 CofC-Utah       Vince Bazemore      (1975) -w2   +b8   -b14  +w16  +w15  -b3   -w10  +w13  +b18    5.0   9
 8 CofC-Washington Slava Mikhailuk     (2424) -b13  -w7   +b12  +w10  -w9   -b15  +w16  +b18  +w1     5.0   9
 9 CofC-Minnesota  Victor Feldberg     (2209) Wb19  =w6   -b4   +w13  +b8   -w2   -b5   -w12  +b16    4.5   9
10 CofC-Kansas     Deepyman Datta      (2049) -b4   +w12  -b6   -b8   +w17  +w18  +b7   -b1   =w11    4.5   9
11 CofC-Louisiana  Yuri Barnakov       (2000) -b6   +w16  +b17  -w2   +b13  -w5   +b18  -b4   =b10    4.5   9
12 CofC-Idaho      Dylan Smith         (1842) -w5   -b10  -w8   +b18  +b16  -w13  +w17  +b9   =w15    4.5   9
13 CofC-NoDakota   Mike Sailer         (2115) +w8   -b1   +w15  -b9   -w11  +b12  +w14  -b7   -w4     4.0   9
14 CofC-Wyoming    Andrew Smith        (1967) Wb20  -b2   +w7   -w5   +b18  -w6   -b13  +w17  -b3     4.0   9
15 CofC-Hawaii     Ruben Ondangan      (2015) -w1   +b18  -b13  +w17  -b7   +w8   -b6   -w16  =b12    3.5   9
16 CofC-Oklahoma   Movses Movsisyan    (2250) -w3   -b11  +w18  -b7   -w12  -b17  -b8   +b15  -w9     2.0   9
17 CofC-Texas      Nick Schoonmaker    (2255) +w18  -b3   -w11  -b15  -b10  +w16  -b12  -b14  -w5     2.0   9
18 CofC-NewMexico  Munir Hammad        (1664) -b17  -w15  -b16  -w12  -w14  -b10  -w11  -w8   -w7     0.0   9
Download Western Conference Games in .PGN

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