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ROBOadmin and POTZY are running a continuous rating survey to collect
ICC blitz ratings, USCF regular ratings (not "quick" or postal"), and
FIDE ratings from ICC members.

Tell ROBOadmin your ratings.  The format is:

       tell ROBOadmin ratings <ICC blitz> <USCF> <FIDE>

For example:

       tell ROBOadmin ratings 1834 1785 0
                               |    |   |
                             ICC  USCF FIDE

Put a zero in the correct place if you don't have a USCF or FIDE rating.
Please don't submit your ratings if your ICC blitz, USCF, or FIDE ratings
are provisional or more than 2 years old.  Thanks.

You can see what ratings ROBOadmin has for you:  tell ROBOadmin ratings

If you make a mistake, or if your ratings change, you can tell ROBOadmin
your ratings again.  Your most recent "tell" will be used.  This survey
will run forever, keeping the statistics updated.  Survey statistics
are updated after every response from a member:

Total responses so far: 2409                  For those who responded:
People with ICC and USCF ratings: 1984        Average ICC rating =   1771
Less than 200 point difference:   1168 (58%)  Average USCF rating =  1656
People with ICC above USCF:       1338        The average difference: 115
People with ICC below USCF:        617        The median difference:  100

People with ICC and FIDE ratings: 541         ICC average rating =  2271
Less than 200 point difference:   327 (60%)   FIDE average rating = 2200
People with ICC above FIDE:       342         The average difference: 71
People with ICC below FIDE:       191         The median difference:  79

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