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The Mission

The mission of America's Foundation For Chess (AF4C) is to strengthen the minds and character of young people by advancing chess in American schools and culture.

AF4C advances chess in American schools by organizing scholastic chess programs that utilize its First Move chess curriculum. AF4C advances chess in American culture by hosting the US Chess Championships.

The Internet Chess Club is a founding underwriter of America's Foundation For Chess and is proud to provide continuing support for AF4C's mission.

Become A Chess Patron

Please support AF4C with a tax deductible contribution that supports scholastic chess programs and the US Chess Championship. To make a donation to America's Foundation for Chess:

Donate Online

Simply click the Donate button below to give to America's Foundation for Chess. If you would like to restrict your funds to events like the US Chess Championship, or to programs like the First Move chess curriculum, please specify on the form. Donations will be made through AF4C's secure server. After you donate, you will receive an email confirming your gift.

    Donate to AF4C

Reach Out Anytime

If you prefer to give via a method other than credit card, or have questions you'd like to ask, you can call, mail or email AF4C anytime.

Call 206 675-0490

Mailing Address:
America's Foundation for Chess
18 W. Mercer Street, Suite 150
Seattle, Washington 98119

ICC thanks you for supporting America's Foundation for Chess!

The AF4C First Move Program

AF4C is planning to take chess to every teacher in America, using chess to build critical thinking, problem solving and math skills for kids. AF4C's objectives are simple: help children become better students by making chess a regular part of their classroom activities.

Since its founding AF4C has accomplished the following:

  • Developed the First Move chess curriculum for second and third grades
  • Developed comprehensive workshops to teach teachers how to use chess in the classroom
  • Initiated a significant research study to understand the outcomes of our program

As the 2004-2005 academic year gets underway, AF4C has twenty six schools running their innovative First Move teaching program in the Washington State area. AF4C has also started a three-month, First Move after-school teaching program in 18 King County Libraries. And for the first time AF4C is reaching out nationally with the addition of five schools in San Diego, California.

US Chess Championship

AF4C hosts the Chessmaster 2005 US Championships, held in conjunction with the NTC Foundation. The championship runs November 24 to December 5, 2004 in its new host city of San Diego at the Hilton Torrey Pines, La Jolla. This will be an exciting inaugural year filled with exciting events, including:

  • The top 64 players in the country competing for the prestigious title.
  • Janet S. Wong, children's author featured on Oprah, reading from her newest book "Alex and the Wednesday Chess Club".
  • Championship players hosting 400 children in the annual Champion's Simul event.

The 2005 US Championship will be followed around the globe and is the signature tournament in the US chess world. It is the cornerstone of the efforts by AF4C to bring chess into American culture.

AF4C's previous US Chess Championships have had a wide media following. In 2003, AF4C had more than 445 stories in national print outlets and 35 million website hits.

Champion's Simul

In November 2004, AF4C will reach hundreds of kids by hosting a simultaneous chess match between grandmasters and children of all ages during the 2005 US Chess Championships.

The chance to play chess against a champion is a coveted opportunity - especially for a child.

"My brother taught me how to play chess; and, so far, he always beats me. When I found out that he was going to play against a chess champion, I asked my mom if I could sign up too. Even though I've never played in a chess tournament before my mom said I could. I got to play against a real chess champion; it was really fun. My game against Champion player Anna lasted a really long time. My mom said I stayed in the game longer than the other kids. Maybe now I can beat my brother." 7 year-old 2003 Simul player

Support AF4C

To make a donation to America's Foundation for Chess simply click the Donate button below and fill out the secure web form.

    Donate to AF4C

ICC thanks you for supporting America's Foundation For Chess!


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