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Spring Online Team Tournament

The Spring online collegiate chess tournament will be taking place on the Internet Chess Club (ICC) on Sunday, March 8th.  Colleges with at least 3 players on their team will qualify for the team standings (the top 4 scores from each college will count for purposes of the standings).  You do not have to have a college team to play in this event and you can play as an individual.

I will award free entry to one of my weekend, over the board, open tournaments, taking place this year, to the top individual finisher and to the members of the top finishing team (limit of 4 players).

Jon Haskel
National Tournament Director
International Arbiter and International Organizer


Attention All the rounds will take place in one day. There will be 5 rounds and the time control will be 15 minutes, with a 5 second increment. The start time will be 2 p.m. EDT.


Any ICC technical questions should go to Bill Scott (billscotty on ICC). Any TD (tournament director) questions should go to Jon Haskel (sixty4 on ICC)

Computer assistance is not allowed during the games. If you use computer assistance you may be banned from future online tournaments and may be banned from future play on ICC.



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