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Live Help for this tournament is available on Slack!

Get help

Missing your username and/or password?

Request it via Slack or email us:

Follow these three simple steps to play:

1. Visit

2. Click the MEMBER LOGIN button on the left menu. 

3. Enter your username and password and click Submit.

Once logged in games will begin automatically at the designated start times. No further action is required.


Important information regarding how to play

**If a player is withdrawing from the tournament, they must inform the TD via Slack.

PLEASE DO NOT FORFEIT BY LEAVING WITHOUT TELLING A TD. We want to make sure all players get to play every round!

 Tournament Standings/Pairings 

During the tournament, the standings and pairings will be available during the event in real time on the ICC Grids at 

Disconnection Policy:

The Tournament Director may decide to award a rated win to the opponent of a disconnected or unsynchronized player, who has made at least one move in the game, before the time on that player’s clock has expired, if a reasonable amount of time has elapsed without reconnection to the ICC server.

Other Rules for Online Events

"FAIR PLAY" Measures

All games played in US CHESS-rated tournaments will be analyzed using ICC's sophisticated anti-cheating tools. Such analysis will include, but not be limited to, comparing moves played to the recommendations of various engines. Players suspected of violating the Fair Play rules may: 1) have their results and any prize eligibility canceled 2) be banned from future play on ICC, 3) be banned from future events both online and over the board, and 4) be reported to the US CHESS Ethics Committee, leading to possible suspension of US CHESS membership.