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Buy Membership

Buy Membership

Join the thousands of members on ICC and enjoy unlimited chess! It's easy.

First, register to become a member. Then, pay for your membership.

Membership Dues

3 year membership $179.95
1 year membership $69.95
6 month membership $39.95
3 month membership $24.95
Student Special — Pay for any regular membership or renewal of six months or longer and your time will be doubled upon proof of eligibility.

How to Pay

CREDIT CARD Online, through our secure web form
Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover Card.
Information required: Card number, name on card, card expiration date, amount of charge, billing address, phone number, and your ICC name.
Pay with Paypal Online, through the secure PayPal form

You will be prompted for the username you wish to extend.
On the ICC On the ICC, type  extend  while logged on ICC
Just log in with your registered name. You will be prompted for payment information if your ICC account has expired. Or, after you log on ICC, type  extend
By Email By email
Send your credit card info to icc@chessclub.com.
Make sure you include this information.
By Phone By phone, at (412) 436-5558 [USA]
Leave your credit card info on our answering machine.
Make sure you include this information.
By Fax By fax, at (412) 521-5575 [USA]
Use this handy form for paying by fax.
By Mail By Postal Mail
Postal mail your credit card info, personal check, or money order:
Internet Chess Club,
PO Box 5485, Pittsburgh, PA 15206
Gift Certificate With a gift certificate
You can purchase here (secure server) and redeem here.
Chekels With Chekels
Use the c-offer command to BrianSP and send him a message to extend your membership with chekels. [Using  extend  is much easier]
NEVER tell your credit card information to anyone online.

Use the  extend  command, but never use tell or message.

MONEY ORDERS must be in U.S. dollars. (Other currencies)

PERSONAL CHECKS must be drawn on U.S. banks.

All memberships provide unlimited login time, games, tournaments, etc.
You are welcome to buy additional accounts for using a computer program,
playing bughouse, for a friend, etc, with the same email address.

By joining ICC, you are agreeing to the terms of the user agreement.

Other Currencies

Euros Euros are accepted. More information. Local Currencies Some local currencies are accepted.
India Rupees Indian Rupees are accepted. More information. More information.

Money-back Guarantee

If at any time you are not satisfied with the service you are receiving from the Internet Chess Club, you may request a refund for the remaining portion of your membership. See "help refund".

Free Memberships

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