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What our customers are saying

Excellent site. The different modes of play online, the instructive videos, the simultaneous games with titled players particularly, make the site one of the best on which to play and learn chess.
My son is currently learning strategies from his teacher online through ICC. It is user friendly and there are lots of resources that he can choose from! Thank you!
"I recently rejoined ICC with a 6 month membership to give myself a chance to get back into chess. It's a good ans fair price and after all the fun and free lessons I am very satisfied with my membership. I am currently taking lessons too and also enjoy casually watching friends games as well. Thanks for the chance to share my opinion! Regards, Hillsdale"
good deal for me. i have been playing and my 5-min chess is improving. I like it and enjoying it on ICC. will definitely renew in 3 months. Thanks.
Have been on ICC a long time and certanly get my money worth. Thanks ICC
My kids have been playing chess for many years but only recently learned about ICC. They are at different rating level and all find great matches and instructions. They take a class with a wonderful instructor and are improving each week.
I had my problems between the site and the app site, but i've adjusted. Where there's a will there'a way...
Have been a member for years and was quite happy to purchase another 6 month membership. The videos on ICC are very high quality and worth the price alone. Whenever there is a problem, there is always someone there to solve it quickly.
Have been a member for several years and found to be very valuable.
"El Internet Chess Club (ICC) es la mejor y más completa aplicación de Ajedrez. No solo puedes jugar contra humanos o robots, sino que puedes jugar contra los mejores jugadores del mundo. También puedes realizar ejercicios de diferentes tipos y niveles. Puedes estudiar y pasar partidas pre-cargadas y muchas cosas más que no sólo te lo hacen más ameno sino que realmente notas que subes tu nivel. AleVisi"
"I'm really liking ICC so far. The quality of opponents is far superior to other free chess sites. It frustrated me on the other sites that you often ran into someone using an engine or just letting the time run down when they were losing. So far I've found none of that on ICC. After the game the examine mode is really useful. It is great how you can turn on the engine and analyse variations then at one click go back to the main line."
Very nice site ! Lots to get into and enjoy.
Working very good
This package actually pays off. You get 3 months of chess on the best Chess Club on earth and have the opportunity to play against the very best. Thank you ICC.
the best chess sight on the internet for blitz and standard chess
Excellent support for online chess
Helped me out a lot. :^)
ICC is a great place to play. Awesome coach discovered here!
It's just great. I use it for years now with different nicknames. I still use Jin on Mac as a Client but the ICC App. works really well, especially on iPad. It's a pleasure to play, compete, learn and observe...
I have yet again extended my membership with three years. Great value for money!!!
A wonderful place to play the king of the games and know people and friends. The 3 month recurring membership is the best for the brazilian players, because the dollar is some expensive here so by $19.95 I can play in the best online chess site. Anyone for a game? Greetings from Brazil. My personal website is
The best chess site on the internet.
Hier findet man jederzeit sofort Gegner und hat sehr viele Sortiermöglichkeiten nach Spieldauer, Gegnerstärke etc. auch der Auswertungsmodus ist exzellent.
"I actually purchased this membership to play in the ICC Open. But when I realize there's more to it I was thrilled. Actually as premium not only you can play with all the good players in the world plus you can watch all the instructive lessons from many Grandmasters & improve a lot from the video lesons. Dn't think twice! Buy it ! be a good player! Cheers to ICC!"
I've been enjoying ICC for years. Can't imagine what I would have done without it. The staff is friendly and efficient. It's a pleasure that's available 24/7. A worldwide community at my fingertips.
I use it a couple of years, great!
"""You get what you pay for"" isn't exactly true with an ICC membership. You get MORE than you pay for with all of the quality videos, lectures, games, broadcasts, GM analysis, opponents, G 45/45 league... I could go on."
Great site, but the price is a little steep for people in North America or Western Europe, let alone those from other countries. I think you price out a lot of good players from 2nd and 3rd world countries.
productive, good for beginners.
Excellent value for money and easy to subscribe to.
"ICC is very important for me. I use it every day. Kindly regards ORJ"
Good value prepaid membership.
I love all the options I have to play chess against live people, computers, take lessons and especially to watch great chess players playing against each other. Great website!!!
Very smooth transaction.
J'apprécie la simplicité avec laquelle on peut renouveler notre abonnement. Le tout étant très rapide.
I love chess and ICC is amazing.
I love playing on ICC. As a member, I have unlimited access to hundreds of instructional videos from some of the best known names in Chess. They always keep up with the most current and prestigious tournaments around the globe, and you can even watch most of the matches live. Free tournaments, chess training bots, and personal lessons from true chess masters make ICC the only place to go for chess on the net. Whether your new to chess and a casual player, or experienced and looking to take your game to the next level, ICC is THE place to go for any and everything chess.
I like ICC for a long time. % of life on icc: 11.79
I have been a member before it was ICC (WCN) and have been playing online for 20 years here. You get games fast 24/7 and they have a watchdog program that spots if a player is using a computer chess program. I even played Larry Christianson here back in 2002 (6 time US chess champion)
Simply the best!
I have played on many websites but the chess experience on ICC is the best. It is the closest possible to playing a real live game in tournament. The level of players is very high but also ok for weaker players. The interface very easy to use and the most professional. I keep returning to ICC!
ICC has been my home to improving my game for well over 10 years now. The 3 month membership comes out to be less than 7 dollars per month! The videos, master classes, live games by top players in the world, and much more only have benefited my game immensely! The other sites don't compare! Tried them all.
Great site and portal to bring your game to the highest levels. Videos, Masters, Support Staff.... been on this site for 10+ years and there is no place that gives you more for your money than ICC. Well worth the price if you are serious about chess. Highly Recommended!
I took advantage of the opportunity to reset my ratings when I decided to take chess more seriously. I wanted to wipe out the effects of carelessly played games, blitz, etc., so I could have one unified standard rating with slow time controls as a more accurate measure of my playing strength. It was well worth the $10, and I shouldn't have to do it again, but I like knowing that if I do decided to do another reset in the future, it is an option for me.
ICC is the master chess club online.
ICC is the master club online.
Excellent value for money and can recommend site to play all levels of Chess
It's good fun. Issues do get resolved. Nice to play people from all over the world.
I really think $69.95 is too high when just a couple of years ago a year's membership only cost 39.95.... just my 2 cents.
Good place for chess lover
Easy and efficient to renew membership
The membership purchase is straight forward and clear. I had a great experience. Thanks.
I am very pleased and am enjoying ICC for many years.
I love ICC - no ads, simple but effective functioning. I only wish I had more time to use the videos / puzzles etc to strengthen my game. The layout is great and I like the way you can change the display etc. I also enjoy exchanging views about the broadcast games.
I love it, thanks!
auto-billing is a plus!
Thanks ICC for the great service!
Most happy with my dream come true of being able to play chess anywhere anytime
Customer service was great in helping me to complete my purchase. ICC is still the best!
you do not spent a lot yet you get 3 months so I think I stay with this . I think its a good deal for the money
ICC is the best place for every chess player
Membership is good
"The interface is very well done, you get to play with a lot of differnt people very neet. Everything is available at the tip of your finger. I will be here for many more years to come ..."
The high quality and timely video library is by itself worth the ICC membership fee even if you do not play much online.
ICC is the best place for serious players. Their weekly tournament is awesome.
ICC is the right way to enjoy Chess
it is really wonderful program.
my kids really loves this website. it is excellent program.
3 months to make a summer break from chess and maybe renew at automn. Worth the small expense.