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Smeets Player index

Every Russian Schoolboy Knows: Botvinnik Semi-Slav revisited #3
Yermolinsky, Gurevich, Shirov, Azmaiparashvili, Van Wely, Smeets
D44 Queen's Gambit Declined semi-Slav, Botvinnik system (anti-Meran)
Every Russian Schoolboy Knows: Complex Minor Piece Endgames - Bishop and Knight vs. Two Knights - Part 1
Smeets, Sokolov
Attack with LarryC: Smerdon’s Creative Attack Goes Astray in Bundesliga Battle
Smeets, Smerdon
B38 Sicilian: Sicilian, Accelerated Fianchetto, Maroczy Bind, 6.Be3
Attack with LarryC: Attack in London!
Miles, Pritchett, Smeets, Adams
Attack with LarryC: Ivanchuk counterattacks and smashes Smeets at Corus
Smeets, Ivanchuk
Attack with LarryC: A Postny-Mortem and an Adams
Postny, Werle, Smeets, Adams
Attack with LarryC: Counter-attack by Hou Yifan
Smeets, Hou Yifan