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Polugaevsky Player index

GM Misa Pap - Strategic Planning in Chess - Vd11: The Carlsbad Structure for Black
Hulak, Spassky, Furman, Klovans, Polugaevsky, Taimanov, Nezhmetdinov
D36 QGD; Exchange - positional line: 6.Qc2
Every Russian Schoolboy Knows: Build your opening repertoire - Part 30: KID Averbakh Part 7
Kaidanov, Kamsky, Polugaevsky, Uhlmann
Ronen through Chess history: Hunt to White King
Polugaevsky, Nezhmetdinov
A53 Old Indian Defense
Every Russian Schoolboy Knows: Endgames by method #1
Polugaevsky, Vasikukov
Beyond the Opening: Indian systems: Part 12
Kozul, Nu Polugaevsky, Uhlmann
A68, E75 King's Indian: Four pawns attack, King's Indian: Averbakh, main line
Attack with LarryC: Powerful Breakthrough Leads to King Hunt
Polugaevsky, Bilek, Kovacebic, Timman, Gelfand, Georgiev
Attack with LarryC: Polu pummels Torre’s defense
Polugaevsky, Torre