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Oll Player index

GM Joel’s Chess Week Recap - Episode 56
Burke, Tiglon, Gorovets, Zapata, Collins, Simantsev, Daly
C18, B11, B42, C92, D44
Attack with LarryC: Nuggets from the Rock
Ganguly, Kollars
C53 Giuoco Piano
Attack with LarryC: Inspired Rook Lift Leads to Jolly Good Rout
Jolly, Gozzoli, Troff, Duda
C88, E04 Ruy Lopez, Catalan
Beyond the Opening: Closed Game Structure - QGD #7
Malaniuk, Petronijevic, Alekhine, Colle, Pillsburry, Chigorine, Karpov, Yussupov
Beyond the Opening: Surrender of Center #1
Simonsen, Stoll, Schoeneberg, Bronstein
Attack with LarryC: Pawn formations and Lightning Strikes
Alekhine, Colle, Mamedyarov, Timofeev
, D45 , QGD semi-Slav: Stoltz variation
Attack with LarryC: Tribute to Smyslov (Part 1)
Smyslov, Oll, Ribli