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FREE Videos on ICC's YouTube channel! Twice a week, the ICC will publish a free chess video. This week we continue with Part 2 of IM John Watson's "Queen's Gambit Declined", a fantastic 6-video series by one of the best Opening experts! Enjoy! 

January 16 2019

GM Alex Yermolinsky LIVE on TV to commentate the games of Round 3 of the Tournament! At 9:30 AM EST! 

January 14 2019

A fantastic article by GM Alex Yermolinsky about his experience in Arica, Chile, with analysis and chronicle from the tournament. …

January 13 2019

Saturday, January the 5th, at 2 PM EST, the "First Weekend ShowDown" tournament on the Internet Chess club! This time it will be 11 Rounds of 3 0 blitz challenges. There will, of course, be Cash Prizes, 3 Class prizes, and 12 Random Draw winners! Don't miss the fun!

January 03 2019

LIVE NOW! GM Yermolinsky recaps the World Rapid and Blitz Championship on TV! 

December 30 2018

Congratulations to GM for his 4th Blitz World Title! Way to go, Magnus!

December 30 2018

Congratulations to GM Daniil Dubov, the new Rapid Chess World Champion!

December 28 2018

Ju Wenjun is the Women’s World Rapid Champion 2018! She scored 10 out of 12 undefeated. Congratulations! Full results … Photo by

December 28 2018

GM Alex Yermolinsky is LIVE on ICC TV to commentate on the most recent chess events. Don't miss the LIVE show! GM Yermo will be happy to answer your questions 

December 06 2018

GM Yermolinsky commentates on the most recent chess events  -- Don't miss Yermo's show, today at 6 PM EST! With his unmistakable style, GM Yermolinsky commentates on the most recent chess events. Yermo will be happy to take your questions in the live chat!

December 06 2018

Congratulations to for retaining his World Chess Champion Title! Kudos to the challenger for putting up a fantastic fight.

November 28 2018

The time to decide who will win the MATCH is here! Whi will be the Chess World Champion 2018?

November 28 2018

Today, at 3:30 PM EST, after the tiebreaks, recaps the World Championship Match LIVE on TV. Don't miss the show! Here is the link to tune in 

November 28 2018

Found this at my parent’s house: the final agreement between and Norwegian Federation to promote ICC in Norway. Norwegian membership on ICC increased 4x or so, IIRC. One of them? A 10 year old . cc

November 27 2018

Insane sale by ICC … 87% off my mega package! 😂

November 26 2018

GM Alex Yermolisnky LIVE on TV, to share with us his thoughts about the World Chess Championship Match , which is locked at 5.5-5.5 after 11 games. Don't miss the show! Here is the link to tune-in 

November 25 2018

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