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Android FAQ




To recover a lost password after trying to login with an incorrect password, you have a button "Mail Password" to send your password by email. You can also recover your password HERE.


Once logged in on ICC, click the Account button. You will see the username and expiration date at the top, along with other useful information.


When you connect to ICC, you are making a direct and constant connection to our playing server. This allows you to play games in real time and observe Titled-player games in real time. Any disruption in your signal strength can potentially disconnect you from ICC, so keep that in mind when trying to play games in areas where you have a weak signal. Unless you lose signal completely, you can often reconnect and resume the game you were playing, or observe the same game you were watching.


Please contact our Adjudication team and include your username and the opponent's username. Please also fill in additional information and let us know what result you are requesting. You can claim:

  1. WIN -- If you are winning the game and your opponent won't resume. (claim WIN)
  2. DRAW -- If the game is roughly even and your opponent won't resume. (claim DRAW)
  3. ABORT -- If the game is in the first few moves and your opponent won't resume. (claim ABORT)
  4. LOSS -- If you are losing, asking for a loss would clear the game from your list. (claim LOSS)


Yes! From the "History" section you can choose a game and email it.


You are permitted to connect with your account from any device. If you experience problems connecting after getting a new device, please contact our Customer support address and include your username and password.


This occurs when you have an Android-only membership and try to log into it with a different username. Your membership plan allows you to log in with your mobile device, with the username you created when signing up. You have the option to upgrade to a full membership, unlocking your account so that you can log in from your desktop, notebook, mobile device, and from different usernames. Upgrading has other membership benefits, which can be found here.


You can upgrade to a full membership by visiting the purchase webpage. Upgrading has additional membership benefits, which can be found here.


Besides the Android, you can access ICC via Windows, Mac, and Linux.  But to access all these PC based systems, you need full ICC membership. The Android membership is for Android-only access! Upgrading has additional membership benefits, which can be found here.