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ICC Software for Unix

NEW - A trial membership normally requires Windows software.
Non-Windows can now claim a free trial by validating with PayPal.

When you play on the ICC, you need to run software (called a client or interface) on your computer to connect, display a chess board, chat, and let you make moves using the mouse.

Jin Applet: a full-featured interface with no installation needed

Jin Applet by Alexander Maryanovsky is by far the fanciest of the applet interfaces, and is similar to our Windows interface BlitzIn in its appearance and capabilities. You can customize the font, chessboard and so forth, and it will save your preferences on the central server, so that wherever you go, be it an Internet Cafe, a public library or a friend's house, your preferences go with you. You can also download and install Jin as a Java application, see below.

Jin Client by Alexander Maryanovsky is a full-featured Java application interface for ICC. You have more information in the Alexander Maryanovsky's website.

Xboard for Unix

XBoard is a graphical interface for the ICC that runs under the X window system (Unix). Get the source code at the xboard author Tim Mann's web site.

Software on Wine

The Windows clients ICC Dasher and BlitzIn have been reported to work well under the Wine emulator. For these clients, see the Windows Software page.



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