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ICC for Mac

ICC for Mac *BETA 5* has been released!

ICC for Mac is a new client for the Mac. While it is still in beta, and changing, we invite you to try it and give us your feedback! ICC for Mac will allow members to participate in prize tournaments and it offers much of the same functionality as the Windows programs, with a more intuitive graphical user interface. ICC for Mac is designed to allow new members to quickly find their way around ICC, while adding such powerful new features as an embedded chess-engine.

     ICC for Mac Beta 5
    1.0-beta-5 (38.86 MB)

    January 22, 2012


You can claim a one week free trial with ICC for Mac by validating through PayPal. It's free! Claim your free trial!

BETA 5: (Changes since Beta 4):

  • Made several stability and performance fixes.
  • Made the UI layout more space-conserving, which allows for a bigger chess board.
  • Fixed graphical issues with the chat panes, especially the chat input boxes.
  • Added Clear button to the chat panes.
  • Rendering the chess pieces as vector graphics, making them look sharp on large display resolutions.
  • Add configuration option to enable/disable loading of browser plugins. This can be helpful if you are experiencing crashes.
  • Added back the pane showing the list of friends (notified users).
  • Rating changes are shown at end of each rated game..
  • Added "Full screen" option to the "Appearance" group on the Options dialog. See also the View/Full screen menu item. They are also working on Mac. If you minimize the left menu and choose the Board tab at the top, then you will get a pretty big board covering most of the left side of the screen.
  • Hid the empty tabs on the Options dialog, also made the Options dialog nicer.
  • Fixed broken "Challenge" menu item of the user context menus.
  • Fixed navigating the moves using the scroll functionality of MacBook's touchpad.
  • Fixed a few other small problems as they are found while testing.

BETA 4: Download Beta 4

  • Complete redesign of the Interface. Thanks for all the feedback!
  • Support for Chess.FM videos and event coverage!
  • Redesigned tournament functionality with new look and feel.
  • Quick key: F6 key jumps to the available tournament list
  • Quick key: F5 key jumps to the game board
  • The server console has been added by popular request
  • Country flags for games you play and observe
  • Disable mouse wheel navigation of the move list during live games
  • Allow closing of chat windows
  • Many more notifications and notification area at the bottom with special notifications
  • New Point and Click move method.
  • And more features!
  • Many bug fixes and enhancements under the hood!
  • Also integrates with the world class Stockfish chess engine
  • Tournament interface for joining and following tournaments
  • Chess training system to improve your play. Study problems, play endgame positions, practice with online training robots.

BETA 3: Download Beta 3

  • Implement seek graph
  • Implement seek dialog
  • Added a resize icon at the bottom right corner of the window
  • Added options to enable/disable the game and notification sounds
  • Added button to collapse/expand the left menu bar
  • Other feature enhancements
  • Many bug and stability fixes


  • Now compatible with Leopard
  • Modified the UI style to fit the design more
  • Made the activity buttons collapsible to conserve space (View--> Show/Hide activity buttons)
  • Various bug fixes as reported by users and captured in the bug logs
  • Added Keyboard shortcuts to quickly cycle between the full screen chess board (F5) and the Tournament section (F6)


  • Currently, the Stockfish chess engine has to be downloaded and installed separately. You can visit the webpage here:
  • Tournament info updates can be delayed by ~20 seconds.
  • The beta client will send automated bug reports with runtime information to our server. This does not include any information outside the chess client. It logs the IP address for support reasons.
  • Wild games and tournaments are not currently supported in this beta.
  • To submit a bug report or give us other feedback, please go to Help --> Submit Bug Report.

ICC for Mac is Copyright (C) 2006-2012 by Internet Chess Club, Inc.


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