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***** XBOARD *****   

xboard is the name of the most popular Unix interface program for ICC.
To get it, you must (1) "ftp" it to your Unix machine, and (2) compile
it.  See "help interface" for help
finding xboard on the ftp server.  See "finger mann" for current news
about xboard.  News on the latest version is at the end of this file.

To unpack and compile the xboard distribution, xboard-*.tar.gz, give 
these Unix commands: 

        gzip -cd < xboard-*.tar.gz | tar -xvf -   
        cd xboard-*/   

If you have any problems with the last two steps, read the READ_ME and
INSTALL files in the xboard-*/ directory.  You will also find the
gnuchess/xboard FAQ (answers to frequently asked questions) there. 

xboard (versions 3.3pl3 or later) can be used with timestamp as

   xboard -ics -icshost -telnet -telnetProgram timestamp   

December 2001 UPDATE:

** Announcing the release of XBoard and WinBoard, version 4.2.4 **

A new release of both XBoard and WinBoard is now available.  Version
4.2.4 is strictly a bugfix release.  It corrects about 30 bugs in the
4.2.3 release, upgrades the included copy of GNU Chess 5 from 5.00 to
5.02, and adds a couple of very minor features.  See the ChangeLog
included with the release for details.

Several new features contributed by various people are still in the
pipeline for a future release, as are several additions to the engine
communication protocol that have been discussed on the chess-engines
mailing list but which I have not implemented yet.  I wanted to work
through my large backlog of small bug reports and fixes before moving
on to these larger items.

You can get both programs from my Chess page on the World Wide Web.
In addition, they should soon be available from GNU FTP sites.


XBoard is a graphical chessboard for the X Window System that can
serve as a user interface for GNU Chess, Crafty, and other chess
engines, for the Internet Chess Servers, and for electronic mail
correspondence chess.  XBoard can also be used by itself.  It can read
and write game files in PGN (portable game notation).

WinBoard is a similar program for 32-bit Microsoft Windows.  It
includes all the major features of XBoard except email correspondence

Some known bugs and deficiencies in previous versions have not been
addressed.  It is not necessary to report your favorite bug again if
you have reported it before, unless the ChangeLog erroneously says it
has been fixed.  Most known bugs, deficiencies, and suggestions
received are now listed in the ToDo file.  If you find a bug not
listed there, please report it to me.

        --Tim Mann