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***** VARS *****   

Command : vars
Example : "vars Fred" -- displays a listing of Fred's variables
          "vars"      -- displays your own variables

This command lists the settings of the variables of the specified player.
(If no player is specified, you are chosen.)  You can change your variables
with the "set" command.  For example:  "set shout 1".  "0" means "off", "1"
means "on", for most variables:

webhelp  -- If on, you see ICC help files in your web browser
allowkib -- Do I allow kibitzes in my games?
          0 = No   *kibitzes will be converted to whispers.
          1 = Yes  
          2 = Yes, but only in unrated games
rated, wild, time, inc, color -- When you issue a "match" or "seek" command without
          parameters, the values you have for these variables will be used.
noescape -- Do I want a disconnector to lose the game?  See "help noescape".
notakeback -- Do I allow takebacks?  If set to 1, you will not even see
          requests for takebacks from your opponent.
minseek, maxseek, manualaccept, useformula -- These are the default values
          of the parameters when you issue a seeking command.  minseek and
          maxseek specify the rating range in the seek.  manualaccept and
          useformula will add a "m" and "f" to your seek, if they are
          set on.  See "help seeking" for more information.
open --   Am I open to challenges?
ropen --  Am I open to challenges with ratedness diff. from my own rated var?
wopen --  Am I open to challenges with wildness diff. from my own wild var?
ccopen -- Am I open to correspondence games?
mood --   An extra variable you can use in your formula.
seek --   Do I see "seeking" messages?  0 = no, 1 = when open, 2 = yes.
sfilter -- controls which seek offers you will see.   See "help sfilter".
shout --  Will I hear shouts, sshouts
sshout -- Will I hear shouts, sshouts
kib --    Will I hear kibitzes and whispers?  "set kib 2" to hear only titled
          players.  "set kib 1" to hear all kibitzes and whispers.
tell --   Controls chat with anonymous users.  To carry on a conversation with
          an anonymous user, both parties must have tell set to 1.
pin --    Will I be informed when each player enters and leaves the server? (admin only)
gin --    Will I be informed of the start and end of each game? (admin only)
quietplay -- Determines what you see while in a game.  See "help quietplay".
tolerance -- controls if you see offensive language or not.  
          "help tolerance" gives details.
busy --   1 = people are told you are busy when they send you a "tell".
          2 = Same, plus you do not see their "tell".
style --  Controls the manner in which the board will be displayed to me.
width --  Line breaking and who display assume this screen width.
height -- Number of lines in your screen used by a simple pager.
wrap --   If 1, lines of text will wrap on your screen.
prompt -- If 0, will suppress the ICC prompt "aics%".
highlight -- Highlights various things, such as the names of players 
          talking to you, etc.  Works on VT100 and xterms.
          Choices are:
             0: no highlighting              4: underline
             1: inverse video                5: 1 and 4 combined
             2: boldface                     6: 2 and 4 combined
             3: 1 and 2 combined             7: 1 and 2 and 4 combined
bell --   If 1, there's a sound on a move, notification, or match request.
          If 2, the sound is only on the opponent's move.
oldmatch -- Use the old-fashioned challenge indicator, for obsolete computers.
examine -- Should I automatically enter examine mode upon the end of my game?
unobserve -- If 1, you automatically stop observing a game if you begin
          playing or examining.  If 2 or 3, you also stop observing all other
          games if you observe a new game (2 resets to 0 after you log out).
autoflag -- If 1, ICC will call your opponent's flag automatically.
who --    Default parameters used when I type "who".
players -- Who parameters used for the players command.
lang --   Language variable.  Help files in languages other than English.
          See "help language" for more information.
messmail -- If 1, your ICC messages will be emailed to you automatically!
automail -- Will my games automatically be mailed to me upon completion?
mailformat -- 0 for old ICC format, 1 for PGN format (Portable Game Notation),
          2 for PGN with clock times. 
subscribe -- 1 to automatically get ICC news items emailed to you.
          0 to stop.
addresspublic -- If 1, your email address will show when people finger you,
          and your email will be shown when your messages are mailed to
          another ICC member, so they can reply by email.
namepublic -- Your real name that you gave when you registered will be
          shown when someone fingers you, if this is set to 1.
formula -- If set, all challengers must satisfy it.
interface -- Does nothing.  New interfaces should set this so that other users
          can see what interface you are using.  Not saved in player file.
pstat --  If 1, a pstat command is automatically issued when you start a game
          in order to display your record against the opponent.

See also: set, formula, mood, style, definitions, quietplay, kibitz, busy,
          tolerance, email, mailstored, noescape, finger, personal-info,
          language, pstat