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***** TITLES *****

You may see accounts on ICC with the following labels next
to their names.  Here are the meanings:

GM -- FIDE International Grandmaster   
IM -- FIDE International Master
FM -- FIDE Master
CM -- FIDE Candidate Master
WGM - FIDE Woman Grandmaster
WIM - FIDE Woman International Master
WFM - FIDE Woman Master
WCM - FIDE Woman Candidate Master

Statistics as of April 10th, 2014:

        ICC accounts      FIDE List (approx.)
        ------------      ---------
GMs              821           1029
IMs             1469           2698
FMs              316           4734
WGMs             156            212
WIMs             215            510
WFMs              16            783

National Federations:   
NM  -- National Master   
These are unique accounts that are actually used (except for FM's). 
They do not include anonymous accounts, duplicate accounts, or accounts used 
only for libraries or broadcasts. The numbers for the FIDE list are 
from January 2007 and do not include inactive players.

You can see all the ICC accounts that have a certain FIDE title. For 
example, "list GM" will show all Grandmasters.  "who T" will list the 
titled players who are currently logged into ICC.  FIDE titles are 
awarded by FIDE after fulfilling certain requirements. See "help Norm" 
for examples of the requirements to get a "norm". ICC merely labels the 
ICC accounts after receiving proof of the identity from the person.  
Also please note that we do not add a title unless it has been officially
approved by FIDE. The ICC does not award any FIDE titles.

Internal ICC Titles

DM  -- ICC Display Master (see "help DM")   
H   -- ICC Helper (see "help helper")
*   -- ICC administrator
C   -- Computer program
TD  -- Tournament directing program
TM  -- Tournament Manager
SH  -- Senior Helper

See also:  GM-bio, IM-bio, IMGM, Norm