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***** TELL *****   

Command : tell
Usage   : tell  
   or   : tell  
Examples: "tell John Hello, how are you?"   -- says it to John
          "tell 3 Is there a simul today?"  -- says it to everyone in channel 3

This is the basic command for chatting on ICC.  You can use it to
tell someone something personally, or to tell something to everybody
in a numbered chat channel.  

There's a shortcut once you start a conversation:  you can use
type ". " to send that message to the same person you
most recently sent a "tell" to.  E.g.:

   tell Darooha Just a minute, phone call...   
   . Okay, I'm back.

When talking to a channel, the analagous abbreviation is ","

   tell 50 Hello   
   , How is everybody today?
   , I just learned how to use "tell".

You can turn off tells from a particular player with "+censor".
"+censor john" turns off tells from john to you.

On Blitzin and some other interfaces, the F9 key provides a
convenient way to reply to someone who sends you a tell.
Also, on Blitzin there are several ways to set up a chat
window, so that you can just type to chat.  E.g. select
someone's name on the console and right-click and select Chat.
Or use Ctrl-Enter instead of just Enter when sending a tell.

See also:  say, channels, lasttells, rude, kibitz, shout, messages,
           away, busy, censor