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***** TAKEBACK *****  

Command: takeback

This command requests a takeback from your opponent during a game.  It
is also used to grant a request for a takeback.

"takeback 1"     -- Asks to take back one half-move
"takeback"       -- Same as "takeback 1"
"takeback 2"     -- Asks to take back two half-moves (e.g. theirs and yours)

Your opponent gets notification of your request and has the option to
accept the request, decline the request, or ignore it and keep moving.
("takeback" accepts the request, "decline takeback" declines it.)

The clocks are restored to what they were at the moment the earliest
undone move was made.  Taking back at the beginning of the game
restores the clocks to their initial values.

If you never want to give takebacks to your opponents, you can do
"set notakeback on".  If you decide to give takebacks again, do
"set notakeback off".

IMPORTANT: Nobody, ever, is obligated to grant a takeback.  Refusing
to give a takeback is NOT unsportsman-like.  Takebacks are NOT in the
rules of chess.  You, and you alone, are responsible for making your
moves and avoiding "mousos" and "typos".  If you ask for a takeback
from your opponent, he/she is not even obligated to respond to your
request.  It is inappropriate to criticize your opponent for not
giving the takeback.  ICC will not tolerate harrassment or complaints
against an opponent who would not give a takeback.

See also: decline, abort, draw, atmosphere, guidelines