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***** SOUND *****

Users frequently ask why their sound is not working correctly.
This question is inherently hard to answer, so here's a possibly
helpful trouble-shooting guide.

Step 1: Do you have sounds turned on in your interface?  In Blitzin,
make sure "Sounds" or "Fancy Sounds" or "Multimedia Sounds" in the
Options menu is checked.

Step 2: Do you have sounds turned on at the server?  Type "set bell 1"
to get sounds whenever a move is made.  If you type "set bell 2", sounds
are only made for played games, not observed ones.

Step 3: Can your machine make sounds?  Try running another program that
you are sure makes noise.  If you are already running such a program,
exit that program, because many programs (CD players, in particular)
monopolize the sound capabilities of your computer.  If you can't make
any sounds, check to see if your speakers are powered on and connected.
If all else fails, reboot your machine and try again.  It is unfortunately
common for a sound-monopolizing program to become wedged and unkillable
without rebooting.

See also: interface, bell