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***** SHOUT *****   

Command : shout
Usage   : shout 

Shouts the message to everyone who has their shout variable set to 1.
Only registered players can use this command.  Your shout is echoed
to you with the number of recipients shown.  A "yourname shouts:"
precedes the message.  A shout does not go to players who have censored
the person shouting, or to players who have done "set shout 0".  Shout
can be abbreviated with "!" (no following space needed).

Shouts are very useful if you have a question, and don't know who has
the answer.  Before asking though, check if there is a help file on that

Chess related shouts can be done with the "sshout" command, and will
go to people who are interested in chess stuff (those with their sshout
variable set to 1).  See "help sshout" for more info.

With thousands of people connected, sometimes there is too much shouting.
You may want to "set shout 0" to turn them off.  

Please don't shout insults, or carry on long two-person arguments using

A shout control policy is now in effect.  Basically you are limited to
a certain number of shouts per minute.  (The actual formula is more
complicated.)  This is to keep people from going overboard and
bombarding ICC with shouts. By typing just 'shout', you will be 
informed about how many times you can shout without having to wait.

Please use the "seek" command to get a game, rather than shouting an
offer to play.

You can see a list of people who have shout=1 by doing "who D".

See also: i, tell, say, kibitz, whisper, channels, sshout,
          atmosphere, seeking, quietplay