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***** SFILTER *****

Sfilter is a variable you can set to control which "seek" ads you
will see, and to control which seek ads show up when you type
"sought".  It is useful to use when you are getting too many seek ads
on your screen, or when the sought list is too long.

Here are a few examples that limit which seeks you see and which ads
show up when you type "sought":

"set sfilter rb"   -- show only rated blitz ads.
"set sfilter -c-B" -- don't show computer ads, and don't show Bullet.
"set sfilter n-s"  -- show only ads from seekers within 200 rating
                      points of my rating, and don't show standard time
                      control ads.
"set sfilter sb"   -- This WON'T work!  It will only show an ad if it is
                      both standard and blitz, which is not possible.
"set sfilter -w-B" -- This will show all the standard and blitz ads, because
                      it shows all ads that are NOT wild or bullet.

You can mix and match all the letters shown below.  A "-" in front of a
letter means "all ads that are not that letter".

   r   --   rated request
   c   --   computers (also C)
   b   --   blitz
   s   --   standard
   B   --   bullet
   w   --   wild
   m   --   your rating is in the rating range of the seek ad.
   n   --   The seeker must be within 200 rating points of my rating.
If you change your sfilter, you should probably close your Seek Graph
window and reopen it in order to get the full set of seeks from the
server.  [This is a bug, the server should know to resend those when
you change your sfilter.  It should be fixed soon.]

The "sought" command will use your sfilter variable to shorten the
sought list.  If you want to see the full sought list, do "sought -".
You can use the parameters directly in the sought command, if you
want.  For example:  "sought -c" will show the sought list without
any computer ads.

Type "vars" to see the current settings of all of your variables.

See also: seeking, play, sought, set, vars, formula