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***** RUDE *****

The goal of the Internet Chess Club is to provide a place
for people from all over the world to play chess and meet
other chess players in a friendly environment.  Sometimes
you may encounter rude or hostile behavior from a player
on the ICC.  What are your choices in this situation, besides
just ignoring the person?

Never retaliate, in kind, with an abusive member. Instead, choose
from the following choices and allow ICC administration to be your

- Put the person on your "noplay" list so that they
cannot play you again.  For example, type "+noplay RudeGuy".

- Put the person on your "censor" list so that they
cannot talk to you or play you again.  For example, type
"+censor RudeGuy".  This allows you to choose who you want
to interact with on the ICC.  If you censor someone, they
basically will not exist for you.  Please do not noplay or
censor someone if you have a stored game with them, or you
risk being forfeited in that game.

- You can block out obscene words using your "tolerance"
variable, by typing "set tolerance 0".

- If you feel the actions must be reported to ICC management,
you can send an ICC message to the "Complain" account to report
the problem.  He will record the complaint, and possibly take
action against the offender if it is appropriate.  But
please keep in mind the ICC has thousands of members.  We
encourage you to just "censor" the person rather than send
a formal complaint.  

- In order to allow an admin to view a conversation you had with
a rude member, please use the "complain RudeGuy" command.  This
saves a log of your recent communications with RudeGuy.  You may
also wish to send a message to the "Complain" account explaining
what happened.

If you can, please try to be understanding of someone's frustration
when they lose, and of differences in culture, age, and manner of
speaking.  His insults might have been meant in jest, and his
cursing more a case of being mad at himself.  Or at least you
can hope. :-)

See also:  atmosphere, agreement, complain, tolerance, guidelines,