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***** PLAYtheMASTER *****

Every Sunday afternoon at 2:00pm(ICC time), 
we will have Play the Master!


     01/05: KALLIS(GM)         01/12: SCARLETTE
     01/19: Volkov(GM)         01/26: voja(IM)
     02/02: gasa(IM)           02/09: KingCheck
     02/16: xionoula           02/23: Volkov(GM)       
A master will be here to play games with anyone rated under 300 points
(ICC blitz) below the master. We hope this will give a lot
of people a chance to play blitz against a master, who may have
never played a master before!

People are welcome to watch, play, and have fun by kibitzing comments.  
It will be a fun, non-serious type of event. HASSLE the master with kibitzes, 
to make the game more even! :)

The time control is 2 minutes with a 5-second increment,
and the games are unrated.

To challenge the master, BlitzIn users: Click "Window", "Event List".  Click the
link to play. Or, type "match Petrovich 2 5 u" assuming Petrovich is the master.
Type "event" to see the command.

That should put you in line to play; you can see the line with the command
"pending Petrovich" (but use the master's name.  If you start a game, or
withdraw your challenge, or if either you or the master is disconnected, you
lose your place in line, sorry.  The master will take the first (oldest) entry
on the pending challenge list.

The master will play all comers rated 300 or more points lower. Please, play
only one game each session, so everyone can get a chance to play the

Masters who wish to volunteer for Play the Master:
1) message Lyon to schedule a date. It must be at least 8 weeks after
   your previous date, to give others a chance to do it!
2) We pay $30 to GMs, $20 to IMs, 2 free months to FMs, one free month
   to other masters (over 2200 USCF, 2200 FIDE, or 2300 ICC blitz)
3) Play at least 10 games of 2 5 against registered players.
4) Be sure your formula allows 2 5 unrated.

See also:  event, PTM2

Zek 2006/3/16