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ICC and New in Chess presents The XI New in Chess Trivia Contest!
Tune-in on ICC Chess.FM for our round-by-round coverage
of major super-tournaments throughout 2012, and each round you could win 
ICC membership extensions plus a 1-year subscription to New in Chess magazine, the 
world's best chess magazine, during the Game
Of the Day video each round - so don't miss the video!

1. Two live trivia questions with the winners receiving a one-month membership extension 
   for the first and a 3-month membership extension for the second question.  

2. There will also be another trivia question, answerable by email at the end of each 
   Game of the Day video, with the winner receiving a 1-year subscription to New In Chess magazine 
   (value $99). 
3. Trial members can play and win prizes - but they can only collect their prize after upgrading
   to a full membership.
4. No member can win more than one NIC subscription in a 12-month period.

5. No member can win more than 14 months of ICC membership extension during a 12-month period.

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- For audio commentaries in English: "/tell webcast listen"
- For audio commentaries in Spanish: "/tell webcast espanol"
---++ Related information:
- Visit the New in Chess website at
- ICC Chess.FM at 

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