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***** MESSAGES *****    

Command : messages
Examples: "messages" -- lists all of the messages you have received
          "messages Fred" -- shows your messages to and from Fred
          "messages 3-6" -- shows your messages in that range
          "message Fred Hello! How are you?"  -- Sends the message to Fred

The message command is a way to send a message to someone who is not
logged in (it also works if the person is logged in).  Only registered
players can send messages.

"messages" by itself shows you all the messages people have sent you.
Your messages are numbered.  You can display a certain message or a
range of messages.  For example, "message 8" or "message 1-5".

"messages " shows all the messages you have sent to  and all
the messages that person has sent to you.

If both a name and a message are supplied, it leaves that message for that
player.  You cannot withdraw a message that you have sent to someone.
There is a limit of ten messages that you can send to one specific person.
If you send more than 10, the oldest one will be deleted.

You can delete a specific message with "clearmessage 8", and you can delete a
range with "clearmessages 4-10".  You can delete them all with "clearmessages *"
You can delete all messages from Johnny with "clearmessages johnny".

See also: clearmessages