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***** MAILSTORED *****   

Command : mailstored
Examples: "mailstored darooha 8" -- This mails game #8 in darooha's history.
          "mailstored darooha POTZY" -- mails the adjourned game.
          "mailstored 5"  -- mails game 5 in your current search list.
          "mailstored %5"  -- mails game 5 in your personal library.

This command mails you the moves of the game you choose.  You can email
games from histories, libraries, database (search list), and adjourned

To automatically email all the games you play right after you play them,
type "set automail 1".

"set mailformat 1" to get the game in PGN notation.  "set mailformat 0"
to get them in a non-PGN format that also includes the move times. 
Or "set mailformat 2" to get them in PGN with the clock times (the time
remaining after each move) in comments.

There is a limit on the number of games you can "mailstore", due to the
load the mailing puts on the ICC CPU.  The limit is approximately 50
games in 12 hours.  The games you get from "set automail 1" do not count
towards the 50.  There is no command to mail many games with a single

See also: examine, search, libraries, stored, smoves, sposition, vars