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***** Interview *****

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   **ANNOUNCEMENT** from ROBOadmin: GARRY KASPAROV will be on the ICC at 4pm on
\   Sunday!  Read "news 1087" for details.

POTZY(DM) kibitzes: Welcome to the Kasparov Interview!  Grandmaster Dlugy will
\   be asking the questions.
POTZY(DM) kibitzes: And Kasparov will be answering.  "set kib 2" to see only
\   the questions and answers.
POTZY(DM) kibitzes: The Interview will start soon.  GM Dlugy will ask the
\   questions.
POTZY(DM) kibitzes: Selected from ICC members questions.
LateKnight(DM) kibitzes: the interview will start in approximately 3 minutes.
LateKnight(DM) kibitzes: World #1 GARRY KASPAROV versus World #3 VLADIMIR
\   KRAMNIK, 24 games of blitz for $1000 a game!!   November 27-28.  "news
\   1086".
LateKnight(DM) kibitzes: FOLKS, the format will be GM Dlugy asking questions
\   and GM Kasparov will be answering.

   **ANNOUNCEMENT** from LateKnight: FOLKS, the format will be GM Dlugy asking
\   questions and GM Kasparov will be answering.   type  "follow kasparov"  to
\   observe the interview

LateKnight(DM) kibitzes: Id like to welcome you all the a truly unique
\   experience.  A live interview with GM Garry Kasparov.  The questions will
\   begin in a few minutes.  Thanks for attending!

LateKnight(DM) kibitzes: This is truly a pleasure of mine to introduce to you
\   all, Grandmaster Garry Kasparov!  Welcome to ICC and thanks for sharing
\   some time with us to answer some questions.

Dlugy(GM) kibitzes: 1. How long do you think you will hold the championship? 
\   (submitted by: PSyKo)
Dlugy(GM) kibitzes: 1. How long do you think you will hold the championship? 
\   (submitted by: PSyKo)
Kasparov(GM) kibitzes: When I won my title I promised to keep it till the next
\   millenium. I am very close to keeping my promise. Seriously, I believe I
\   have quite a few years ahead of me
Dlugy(GM) kibitzes: 2. Should there be separate world championships for match
\   and tournament play?  (submitted by:  TeeRex)
Kasparov(GM) kibitzes: I dont think it makes sense for chess
Dlugy(GM) kibitzes: 3. When did you think you will become world champion? 
\   (submitted by:  Death3)
Kasparov(GM) kibitzes: When I won the Sokolsky Memorial in Minsk in January
\   1978 - I was confident I had a very good shot. I was not yet 15 years old.
Dlugy(GM) kibitzes: 4. Who will be your next challenger, if you beat Shirov? 
\   (submitted by:  Techman2)
Kasparov(GM) kibitzes: Unfortunately the match with Shorov is still up in the
\   air, but from the public and sponsors perception, Anand undoubtedly looks
\   the best challenger.
Dlugy(GM) kibitzes: 5. Who was the strongest player not to become world champ? 
\   (submitted by:  Naisortep)
Kasparov(GM) kibitzes: Obviously Keres, but Anand also has a chance to join his
\   company.
Dlugy(GM) kibitzes: 6. Are you in your prime - if not when was it?  (submitted
\   by:  Naisortep)
Kasparov(GM) kibitzes: I hope I am now , but sometimes I doubt it.
Dlugy(GM) kibitzes: 7. Who was your chess mentor and who influenced your chess
\   style the most?  (submitted by:  x-turbo & WhiteWarrior)
Kasparov(GM) kibitzes: Mikhail Botvinnik had the greatest influence on my game,
\   and I was heavily influenced by games of Alekhine and Fischer.
Dlugy(GM) kibitzes: 8. How many hours a day do you study chess?  (submitted by:
\   SimonK)
Kasparov(GM) kibitzes: At the training camp, I spend up to 6 hours regularly.
\   On a daily basis, I still try to spend 1-2 hours a day.
Dlugy(GM) kibitzes: 9. Which opening novelty of yours are you most proud of? 
\   (submitted by:  Cut)
Kasparov(GM) kibitzes: The most attractive one was game 10 against Anand in the
\   1995 NY match, but also I was proud of my novelty against Shirov in Linares
\   1998. Not very often you can find new good ideas before move 10 in Sicilian
\   these days.
Dlugy(GM) kibitzes: 10. Where would Bobby Fischer rank today if he never
\   stopped playing?  (submitted by:  FischKing)
Kasparov(GM) kibitzes: Very hard to imagine, but I think he would be today
\   behind Karpov
Dlugy(GM) kibitzes: 11 . Will future world champions keep getting stronger? 
\   (submitted by:  CharlestheBold)
Kasparov(GM) kibitzes: Probably but with heavy influence of computers I think
\   it will be more about changing attitude and approach rather than strength.
Dlugy(GM) kibitzes: 12. On whose authority do you consider yourself World
\   Champion - you are merely the world's strongest player?  (submitted by: 
\   Finegold)
Kasparov(GM) kibitzes: On the authority of tradition that is 112 years old, and
\   my legacy is as good as Capablanca's and Alekhine's. I dont believe FIDE
\   has any legal right to claim the ownership of the title which was
\   introduced to the public almost 40 years before FIDE's creation
Kasparov(GM) kibitzes: ...and I would like to note that FIDE proclaimed
\   Botvinnik the 6th World Champion., i.e recognizing old tradition and not
\   strating its own line of champions.
Dlugy(GM) kibitzes: 13. Why was the quality of your play so low against Deep
\   Blue?  (submitted by:  DiepX)

Kasparov(GM) kibitzes: I think this impression is wrong and its obviously
\   created by unspeakable quality of game 6, and partially of game 2, but both
\   games had very little to do with chess, but rather with psychology
Kasparov(GM) kibitzes: In fact, any serious analysis proves that the quality of
\   games 3,4,5 was extremely high., I would say higher than the average
\   quality of a world championshiop match
Dlugy(GM) kibitzes: 14. Who do you think will be Champion after you? 
\   (submitted by:  BennyBlanco)
Kasparov(GM) kibitzes: Since the creation of a world champion requires me
\   losing in a match I am not very happy to make such predictions.
Dlugy(GM) kibitzes: 15. Why was you match with Shirov cancelled, and are there
\   plans to reschedule?  (submitted by:  Conquistidor)
Kasparov(GM) kibitzes: Mr. Rentero unfortunately couldnt fulfill his promises
\   and didnt come up with the money which forced both players to look for
\   other aternatives
Kasparov(GM) kibitzes: There was a good chance in early September to organize
\   the match in California, but Shirov thought the prize Fund too low.
Kasparov(GM) kibitzes: I believe his expectations were too high because since
\   that time we didnt receive any serious offers.
Kasparov(GM) kibitzes: Sadly the chess world didnt take Shirov's challenge
\   seriously, although he earned his rights by convincingly dosmantling
\   Kramnik
Kasparov(GM) kibitzes: I think that the chances to see the match are virtually
\   nonexistent now.
Dlugy(GM) kibitzes: 16. How would you do in a 6 board simul against the
\   strongest chess programs?  (submitted by:  Bernhard)
Kasparov(GM) kibitzes: Definitely not as good as against the Israeli top 6
\   team, but I still think I have a chance to win.
Kasparov(GM) kibitzes: top 4 team
Dlugy(GM) kibitzes: 17. Why was there no rematch with Deep Blue? Any plans for
\   future Man vs. Machine contests?  (submitted by:  Zwischenzuger)
Kasparov(GM) kibitzes: As everyone might know, IBM has dismantled Deep Blue
\   after the match, so there is no opponent because other companies are not
\   interested to follow IBM's footsteps
Dlugy(GM) kibitzes: 18. If Ilyumjinov is jailed for his acts do you foresee
\   your participation in a FIDE World Championship match?  (submitted by: 
\   Numbers)
Kasparov(GM) kibitzes: Whatever happens to Mr.Ilyumjinov, I am afraid its not
\   going to change the rotten nature of FIDE politics. I think I can play with
\   a FIDE challenger, but I dont want FIDE to be the organizer of a world
\   championship match with my participation.
Dlugy(GM) kibitzes: 19. Efim Geller passed away recently - are there any
\   stories you would care to share with us about him?  (submitted by: 
\   Naisortep)
Kasparov(GM) kibitzes: Efim Geller a man of outstanding chess abilities. I
\   didnt get much time to work with him , but even several short sessions I
\   had with him before my match with Nigel Short, demonstrated to me his deep
\   and impressive understanding of the game.

Dlugy(GM) kibitzes: 20. Which one of your games most typifies your style? And
\   which one was the hardest?  (submitted by:  Naisortep & Knightshifter)
Kasparov(GM) kibitzes: I first of all like to mention game 16 from matches in
\   1985 and 1986 with Karpov.
Kasparov(GM) kibitzes: But the list is quite long, and I wuld rather mention
\   the most memorable games
Kasparov(GM) kibitzes: Among which I wuold point out game 24 in Sevilla
Dlugy(GM) kibitzes: 21. How do you see the future of chess?  (submitted by: 
\   Alphachess & Polterguest)
Kasparov(GM) kibitzes: Computers will play more and more important role and I
\   think that the form I call Advanced Chess ( MAN + MACHINE) will become
\   popular in the 21st century.
Kasparov(GM) kibitzes: I also think the idea to reshuffle pieces in the opening
\   position will get substantial support in the future.
Kasparov(GM) kibitzes: Also Internet will become the most important arena for
\   chess competitions including high level professional chess.
Dlugy(GM) kibitzes: 22. What type of car do you own / drive?  (submitted by: 
\   Quercus & TheWinnerIs)
Kasparov(GM) kibitzes: Mercedes 320

Dlugy(GM) kibitzes: 23. How do you rate your chances in the upcoming blitz
\   match with Kramnik?
Kasparov(GM) kibitzes: Its a very unusual event, because noone has ever tried
\   to play a long blitz match on that level. But I am ready to bet on myself.
Dlugy(GM) kibitzes: 24. Have you responded to Bessel Kok about his offer of a
\   World Championship match?  (submitted by:  BarnsleyRook)
Kasparov(GM) kibitzes: I responded positively signalling my readiness to
\   discuss this offer very seriously. I am sure that the man of Bessels
\   knowledge and  influence can be the right person to solve the current
\   crisis.
Dlugy(GM) kibitzes: 25. Why do you think Deep Blue might have had human
\   assistance in your match?  (submitted by:  SlobDefense)
Kasparov(GM) kibitzes: Simply because in game 2 machine did something which
\   contradicted any conventianal knowledge of the computer's ability. There
\   were a few other moments in the match I would like to get clarification on
\   , but as we know refused to release printouts of the machine's thinking and
\   lately event dismant
Kasparov(GM) kibitzes: even dismantled Deep Blue
Kasparov(GM) kibitzes: Infact the destroyed the only impartial witness.
Kasparov(GM) kibitzes: I dont think that further discussion of my word versus
\   their word makes any sense
Kasparov(GM) kibitzes: Its up to IBM to give sufficient documentation for
\   everybody to analyze to determine whether my claim was a sound one.
Dlugy(GM) kibitzes: 26. Do you feel that any young chessplayer has the
\   potential to become a Grandmaster with proper training?  (submitted by: 
\   BeachDawg)
Kasparov(GM) kibitzes: Today with a devaluation of a GM title everything is
\   possible. There is a lot of chess knowledge available and if you have
\   determination and stamina I dont see why not/
Dlugy(GM) kibitzes: 27. How important is physical activity preparation and
\   control for key matches?  (submitted by:  BAZMAN)
Kasparov(GM) kibitzes: I pay a lot of attention to my physical condition; to be
\   fit under the terrible pressure of big competitions.
Kasparov(GM) kibitzes: Obviuosly this is becoming more important with age.
Dlugy(GM) kibitzes: 28. What would be your biggest tip for a young player
\   wishing to improve up to master level?  (submitted by:  krakken)
Kasparov(GM) kibitzes: I dont think you can reduce chess to one tip - I 'v been
\   looking for one for the last 30 years.
Dlugy(GM) kibitzes: 29. Who do you consider the strongest blitz player of all
\   time?  (submitted by:  Spanker)
Kasparov(GM) kibitzes: I am very much against the idea of comparing strengths
\   of players from different times.
Kasparov(GM) kibitzes: I think its too subjective.
Dlugy(GM) kibitzes: 30. How do improve when you are already th