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***** HISTORY *****    

Command : history
Usage   : history ()
Examples: "history" -- shows your history
          "history Fred" -- shows a list of Fred's last 20 games.

Your last 20 completed games are shown in your history.  Type "history"
to see a list of them.  You can then "examine", "mailstored" or "smoves"
any of those games.  Read the help files for each of those commands.

Adjourned games (for example, when your opponent disconnects) are not shown
in your history.  They are shown in your "stored" list.

Here is an explanation of what you see in your history list:  An example
line from 'history arcsin' command is:

                  Opponent     Type         ECO End Date
67: + 1956 B 2132 gnusurf      [ bu  2  12] B01 Mat Jul 30 94 01:32

The number on the left (67) is an index into your history list, in the
range 0-99.  It can be used to reference that game for commands like
"examine" or "sposition", e.g. "examine arcsin 67".

"+" is the result of the game for you. Possible values are:
'a' for aborted, '+' for win, '-' for loss, '=' for draw

"1956" is your rating after the game is finished.  Ratings of
unrated or aborted games that were adjourned and completed later are the
ratings from when the game was adjourned, and are NOT current.  They are
not used in the calculations for the next game.

"B" is the color you played (Black).

"2132 gnusurf" is your opponent's rating after the game, and username.

"bu" means the game was blitz and unrated.  That first character could be:

b blitz   
B bullet
d bughouse
f five-minute
J 45-minute
K chess960 pool
L loser's
M 3-minute
o one-minute
s standard
z crazyhouse

or a wild number.

r = rated, u = unrated

"2 12" time control: initial time in minutes, increment in seconds.

"B01" is the Encyclopedia of Chess Openings (ECO) code for the game's opening.

The "End" column is how the game ended.  Possible values are:

'Mat' checkmated   
'Adj' adjudicated
'Agr' agreed (drawn or aborted)
'Fla' flagged
'BQ'  black quit
'WQ'  white quit
'WA'  white courtesy aborted
'BA'  black courtesy aborted
'Res' resignation
'NT'  draw because both players have no time
'Rep' draw by repetition
'Sta' stalemate
'50'  draw by 50-move rule
'SD'  game aborted when system shutdown
'Sho' short game aborted 
'NM'  draw because neither player has mating material
'TM'  draw because player calling flag has no mating material
'1-0' white won (specific reason unknown)
'1/2' drawn (specific reason unknown)
'0-1' black won (specific reason unknown)

The date and time are when the game began (not when it finished). So adjourned
games that are resumed and finished will appear out-of-order in the time list.

See also: examine, sposition, smoves, mailstored, eco, libraries