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***** HELPER ******   

What is an ICC helper?

A helper is a volunteer who enjoys helping people understand how to use
the ICC, and who enjoys helping people with ICC problems.  Helpers read
the questions that come to channel 1, and answer them either in channel
1 or in personal tells.  "g-list helpers" lists all the ICC helpers.


Who can become an ICC helper?

To become an ICC helper, you must meet these 4 requirements, and then
pass a test of ICC knowledge.

1) be a member of ICC for 3 months and have 300 accumulated hours.
2) have a clean record of good behavior, as documented by admins in
    your file.
3) have a strong knowledge of ICC help files and policies.
4) be at least 13 years old.

If you meet all four requirements, and want to be a helper, please send
a message to the "ICChelper" account.  Then you will need to pass a
test of ten questions given by ICCguru.

Note that excessive chatting in channel 1 or 100, or numerous incorrect
answers may get you removed from the helper list.


The helper system and helper commands

Helpers and admins are the only people allowed to go into channel
100, which is the "helper channel".  When an ICC member or guest
sends a tell to channel 1, it gets sent first to channel 100, and
is labeled with a number between 0 and 99.  For example, this might
appear in channel 100:

   Grisen(100): [49] How do i resign?   

A helper in channel 100 can type

   relay 49   

which will reserve the question for him/her to answer, and sends a
note to channel 100 that he/she is handling 49 (so other helpers
don't spend time answering it).

The helper can then answer the question with an ordinary tell to
channel 1:

   tell 1 Just type "resign".   

The question will be automatically sent to channel 1 right above the

   Gresen(1): How do i resign?   
   Junk(H)(1): Just type "resign".

A question can also be answered privately, rather than being relayed
and answered publicly in channel 1:

   norelay 49 You just type "resign".   

This sends a private tell to Grisen with the answer, and also displays
the answer in channel 100, so other helpers know it has been answered.

If Grisen has logged out by the time you answer (whether via "tell 1 ..."
or "norelay ..."), your answer is sent as an ICC message.

Helpers can use the command "unrelayed", which lists the questions
that have not been answered.  You can do "norelay 50" if question 50 is
something that shouldn't be relayed to channel 1.  Then question 50
is taken off the list.


Guidelines to helpers on what to relay:

- Don't relay something that is not of general interest, that you can answer
using a private tell.

- Keep in mind what relay does:  It copies a tell that was already seen
by all the admins and helpers.  So it needs to be something that is of
general interest to the other people in channel 1 (guests and members
who are not admins or helpers).

- Don't relay chatting or non-ICC questions.

- Don't relay something that requires an admin's attention.  Let an admin
handle it directly with the person.  For example, "Why was I muzzled?"

See also: moderate