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***** FOLLOW *****

Command : follow
Example : "follow Schroer"

Makes you an observer of any games being played by the named player.
When the player finishes one game and starts another, you will
automatically observe the next game.  Just like the observe command,
except you don't have to type "observe" each time the player begins
a new game.

You can also do "follow *" or put conditions on it, e.g.
"follow *B-C", similar to "observe *".

Please note that if you "follow" someone who is giving a simul, you must
issue the follow command before the simul begins, in order to watch all
the games.  If you issue the command after it begins, you will observe
only one of the games.  But following a large simultaneous exhibition
is problematic in any case.  You might want to just pick a small number
of games to observe instead.

"unfollow" stops following the player you were following.

You continue following someone even if they log out and log back in
(but not if you log out).

See also:  observe, unfollow, games2