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***** FINGER *****   

Command : finger
Examples: "finger"          -- shows your account information
          "finger Dlugy"      -- shows information for Dlugy
          "finger -n Dlugy" -- don't show the notes
          "finger -r Dlugy" -- don't show the rating information
          "finger -a Dlugy" -- show all ratings, even if no games played
          "whois"           -- works the same as finger

This command lists the public information about the specified
player.  If no player is specified, you are chosen.  Among the
information shown is: ratings (and whether the rating is active and
[need], which is the number of games needed to become active),
win/loss record.  If logged on: for how long, how long idle, whether
playing or not, whether observing or not, etc.  Any notes the person
has written using the "set" command are shown also.

Notes:  You may have up to 10 lines of notes stored with your record.
Do "help set" for instructions on how to edit these notes.  For example,
"set 1 Hello".  Or look for Set Personal Profile on the Options menu of
Blitzin.  These notes may be used for pretty much anything you want.
E.g. you could pose a riddle, or post the standings of a tournament
you're running, or just say a little about yourself.

If you do "set addresspublic on", then your email address will show
when people finger you.

If you have "namepublic" on, then your real name will show when people
finger you.  This was a checkbox when you registered your account.
You can ask an adminstrator to change that setting.

"finger -r" will show all finger information except for the ratings.
"finger -n" will show all finger information except for the notes.
"finger -a" will show all ratings, even if no games played yet.

See also: set, vars, ratings, style, wild, email, privacy, personal-info